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Criterios Jurisprudenciales y formantes doctrinales de las sentencias de la SCJN en materia de protección de los DESC. Un análisis comparativo con el Tribunal Constitucional de Portugal / Teresa Da Cunha Lopes

This paper focuses on the jurisprudential production, through circulation of doctrinal formants identified in citations of legal science that are made in the sentences and opinions of the Mexico Supreme Court of Justice in the field of fundamental social an economic rights, after the constitutional reform of 2011. Partial results are presented for specific decision on social security and the health right protection, framed in a wider comparative jurisprudential research with the production of the Constitutional Court of Portugal. Our research aims to verify the similitudes and common trends between these two supreme bodies, with an empirical method: 1) if there is a clear mutual understanding of doctrinal formant in that case law, through research legal literature dating in the judgments of the Supreme Court; 2) if so, what role dating doctrinal motivation of sentences; and finally, 3) what are the determinants of doctrinal formant circulation in the constitutional jurisprudence and legitimacy.